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Strengthen The Relationship Between You & Your Eyes

There’s much more to supporting your family’s eyes than just managing their visual acuity and eye health. Whether you’re reading, driving, catching a ball, or watching your child make the game-winning goal, you and your family are using various visual skills to keep track of and make sense of the world.

However, several issues may affect these skills and make it difficult for your family to confidently rely on their vision. Our unique vision therapy services train these skills with personalized exercises and activities. Over time, we can help strengthen the relationship between your family and their vision.

Find out if vision therapy is suitable for your family today!

What Is Vision Therapy?

Vision therapy is all about strengthening your visual skills. In many cases, we recommend vision therapy for children with amblyopia (lazy eye) or strabismus (crossed eyes) to help manage issues related to poor eye alignment.

Vision therapy can also manage visual problems related to brain injuries, learning-related issues, and sports-performance challenges.

Vision therapy is suitable for both children and adults, and we can personalize a treatment plan to address your specific visual needs. Our programs use various tools and exercises to help train your visual skills, including prisms, therapeutic lenses, filters, patches, balance boards, and electronic games and activities.

Essential Visual Skills We Train

In addition to your visual acuity and eye health, it’s also essential to ensure your visual skills are as strong as possible. We’ll examine these skills using several activities during a vision therapy consultation before finally creating a personalized program suitable for your needs.

Your particular program may include both in-office and at-home exercises, and we’ll book periodic assessments to ensure your visual skills are developing the way we expect. Some of these skills include:

Eye Movement

Your eyes need to move with comfort and confidence to help you focus on certain objects. Common eye movements include saccades, smooth movement pursuits, and vergence movements.

Eye movements are essential for tracking objects moving at different speeds and distances.

Binocular coordination is your eye’s ability to work together as a team. Training your eye’s binocular coordination can help address alignment problems caused by amblyopia and strabismus.

Accommodation is your eye’s ability to focus on different objects and stay focused. This skill helps you change your focus from near to far while also staying comfortable during long tasks like reading or writing.

Visual memory refers to your ability to remember information like words or shapes. It may be difficult to write down notes from a whiteboard or retain information while studying if you have visual memory problems.

Depth perception is your ability to discern the distance between yourself and other objects. Depth perception is essential for catching, throwing, and maintaining a solid sense of spatial awareness.

Hand-eye coordination is your ability to take in information with your eyes and use your hands to interact with the world around you. Hand-eye coordination is essential in school and sports but can also be important when learning an instrument.

Train Your Vision Today

Whether you or your loved one is struggling with their visual skills, our team will be happy to create a custom vision therapy plan to match your needs.

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